What do the Experts say about this Patent Pending Technology!


Chief Scientists, Coronavirus Experts, Virologists, Experienced Biochemists. About my images of SARS-CoV2 virus: 

"I think those images are amazing." - "I think this picture represents what the virus might be like internally with RNA complexed with protein." - "Neat images.” “What is your modeling based on? Other photos? Mathematics of the proteins?"

Coronavirus Experts

About another virus, a phage I modeled: 

"Very cool!! I can imagine you are visualizing the individual capsid proteins of the phage in the center of the image, and a side view of the capsid around the periphery."


About the structures my images are showing:  “I'm not into structures. You need a Structural Biologist. You should look at the Scripps institute published structures”

About my detail of a CoV2 attached to an epithelial cell in the human respiratory system: “If your enhanced images are accurate, they show a lot of plasticity or bending or fluidity which I believe is the natural shape. Showing a stiff knob in illustrations is not how the real structure is.”


About my reconstruction of its capsid with RNA complexed with proteins: “Very good!”.

About my models and images: “I agree, looks like a virus attached to a cell and passing its DNA into the cell.” - “OK!”

Models and structures are great but how did you want to use them?” “You REALLY want to talk with the pharmaceutical companies who are working on vaccines and drugs - especially their chemists.” “My wife is a Virologist but she does not evaluate structures” “Drug companies are more interested in vaccines at this point” “a perfect model of the virus” “they try to chemically identify different sections of the viral coat.” “Did you patent or copyright your method?”