Proteine in capside di virus batteriofago


Proteine in capside di virus batteriofago

Here's the phage I modeled and the related comment from the virologist: "Very cool!! I can imagine you are visualizing the individual capsid proteins of the phage in the center of the image, and a side view of the capsid around the periphery."

This is what I published on LinkedIn in March 2020.
I just modeled our common enemy!
(the infamous #virus sars-cov-2) and the #rna complexed with proteins in its #capsid

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I have spent the last 3 nights exchanging my results with a virologist expert of coronavirus and her team working in San Diego. They are impressed by the quality of my work. They put me at test with minimal input data of a #phage and I surprised them again. And I can do a lot more! Please share my posts or introduce me to researchers busy studying the sars-cov-2, especially in the EU, if you know any. I really wanna help! Thank you #COVID19 #SARSCoV2 #ricerca #virus #virologist #microbiologist
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