Thank you for downloading Operation COVID-19 a kid's guide to defeating aliens

from the authors Liz Franklin, IlarioTariello, Anna Franklin, Serena Tariello: Thank you dear readers, for downloading our free ebook that helps the kids and their parents in this situation
Operation COVID-19 a kid's guide to defeating aliens

In the last 2 weeks people downloaded the ebook from all over the world!

1000 ebook downloads from 55 different countries
500 acquired users
5000 download page views
1000 user sessions - statistically meaning that all the users came back twice
3 minutes per session - meaning our users spent 50 hours here

Top 5 countries are: Italy, USA, Czechia, India, UK. 

Thank you amazing group of translators!

The interest of people about our initiative is constantly growing here, since Apr the 18th, date in which we started measuring it. We should add to this chart all the English and Italian versions downloaded before, since they were available for download the 2 weeks before on: