I don't know much of biology, but I do have some knowledge of coding

I don't know much of biology, but I do have some knowledge of coding, image processing and 3D reconstruction, for which I have a genuine passion.

That is why I developed through the years a set of algorithms and tools that could help research.

I would like to ask an expert to take a look to just some of the images I have obtained, to comment them.

And if he agrees that my tools can be useful to help researching the virus, I will be happy to do more in my free time.

For example, from what I can see I would say the sars-cov-2 virus has an icosahedral symmetry.

Does it make sense to the expert?

And I can see other things that look unexpected to me, but I am not sure my interpretation is correct, so they need to be confirmed.

Can anyone in my network introduce me to a virologist? (I will privately submit my sample)

Thank you!

It's been incredible! I barely slept a couple of hours tonight...
I needed a feedback from a real expert, and I got it!

Thank you Marylou Gibson Coronavirus Expert and Virologist!
Thank you so much for taking the time to comment the results I sent you.
(some of the images I can obtain applying my new technology)

And thank you for the words you had to say about them:
"I think those images are amazing."
"I think this picture represents what the virus might be like internally with RNA complexed with protein."
"Neat images..What is your modeling based on? Other photos? Mathematics of the proteins?"

What I can say is that the input datasets are based on other photos.
I select a combination of my math algorithms and common filters to enhance and clean up the resulting image.

This one shows clearly that the capsid of sars-cov-2 virus has an icosahedral symmetry

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