Hydrated sodium ion cluster 1 - Na+(H2O)1 - could be used by SARS-CoV2 to trick our cells

I found a very special thing right in the middle of the interaction between a spike protein from a SARS-CoV2 Virion and the receptive area of a cliliated epithelial cell in the human respiratory system.

Hydrated sodium ion cluster 1

wiki Na+(H2O)n

Hydrated ion clusters widely exist in oceans and living organisms, especially hydrated sodium ion clusters, which are important in the control of blood pressure, cell permeability, neuronal activity, and other somatic functions (Jensen, 1992; Feller et al., 1994; Pohl et al., 2013).

In turn, the water molecules (H2O) are polar and have a positive charge in correspondence with the hydrogen atoms (H) and a negative charge in correspondence with the oxygen atom (O), therefore these molecules will arrange themselves around the sodium ion (Na + ) by turning the oxygen atom to it.


H2O molecule


Typical geometry of H2O molecule